Concrete Slab Scanning in Tallahassee

Concrete Slab Scanning in Tallahassee

Concrete Slab Scanning in Tallahassee

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a widely used non-destructive method for concrete slab scanning in Tallahassee. GPR uses pulsed electromagnetic radio waves to scan concrete. A GPR unit consists of a transmitter antenna and a receiver antenna, and a signal processing unit. GPR emits electromagnetic pulses (radar pulses) with a specific central frequency to scan the subsurface. The reflected waves from the subsurface and objects are captured and processed in to an image form.

Concrete Scanning Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar provides a cost-effective approach for scanning large areas.
Georadar Applications Include:

  • Locate steel reinforcement in concrete
  • Determine rebar location and spacing
  • Estimate concrete cover thickness
  • Locating Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
  • Locate live conduits and pipes
  • Identify major voids and discontinuities in concrete slabs

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