Concrete Slab Scanning in Orlando

Concrete Slab Scanning in Orlando

Concrete Slab Scan in Orlando

Have a project in Orlando, Florida and need slab scanning? Contact GeoTek Services. We offer concrete slab scanning services to detect what lies below the surface – such as rebar, conduits, and welded wire fabric. GPR concrete slab scanning can also detect both pre-stressed and post-tensioned (PT) cables. Call Geotek Services today!

GPR Concrete Slab Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses radar pulses to penetrate through thick surfaces – such as concrete slabs to create a view of the underground. Geotek’s ground radar can help you determine if there are objects below the surface. Helping you determine if you can safely cut, core, or excavate.

Ground Penetrating Radar can scan through many surfaces including concrete and asphalt. While this technology is very safe and reliable, ground radar cannot penetrate through metal. Let us evaluate your application and determine if georadar is the right solution for your project.

Geotek Services has been serving Florida for over 16 years, providing the experience in ground penetrating radar our customers require. Geotek Services advanced technology includes both ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction. Our highly trained technicians will help keep your job safe and on budget, avoiding unforeseen and costly hidden objects.

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    GeoTek Services employs Ground Penetrating Radar best practices and methods specified by ASTM.


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