Florida Utility Location and Concrete Scanning Projects

Burlingham & Associates, Inc

Consulting Structural Engineers | 101 North Palm Avenue, Indialantic, FL 32903
PH: 321.723.7285, FAX: 321.951.3256 | www.StrongBuilding.com

Dear Mr. Connor:
I would like to personally thank you for your work at our recent concrete repair project, and also to let this letter serve as my recommendation of your services to anyone you choose to provide a copy. The project in question needed a non-destructive method of accurately locating post-tensioned [PT] cables within a 12″ thick elevated concrete deck. The typical contents of such a… (read more)

City of Vero Beach

Office of the Director of Public Works | 1053 20th Place – P.O Box 1389
Vero Beach, Florida 32961 | www.covb.org

Dear Mr. Connor:
This is to follow-up on our project at Sexton Plaza and to thank you for your services. I was not sure what to expect, but you were able to locate and mark the rebar in the existing seawall cap without any destructive testing that might have compromised the integrity of the seawall. I will definitely keep your services and firm in mind whenever I have similar “locate”… (read more)

Mobile Treatment Services

Vice President | 125 West Country Club Drive
Tampa, Florida 33612 | www.mobiletreatment.com

Dear Mr. Connor:
During our preparation for this Winter Park project we have solicited several bids from GPR Service companies; your bid was the lowest, most reasonable bid. We were impressed with the high quality of the field work and reports. You arrived to the project earlier than requested, completing your work quickly and accurately while keeping our staff well informed… (read more)

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    GeoTek's Technical Staff are certified by UTA as a Certified Professional Utility Locator.


    GeoTek Services employs Ground Penetrating Radar best practices and methods specified by ASTM.


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