Miami Ground Penetrating Radar Services

A room being built in Miami, FL, that had concrete slab scanning

Post-Tension Cables Found in a Ground Slab

The City of Miami located in Southeast Florida, lies on the Miami River between the Florida Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean.  The metropolitan Miami area boasts over 5 million residents and is the seventh largest city in the United States.  Miami is near the cities of Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Hialeah.   Miami is also the largest city in South Florida.  Often South Florida is defined as Miami Dade county, Broward, West Palm, and Monroe counties.

South Florida is a uniformly low-lying area with coastal ridges, mangrove swamps, and the Florida Keys.  The geology is largely limestone rock with sand, marl, and some organic material.  These areas tend to be very good for ground-penetrating radar studies.

GeoTek Services provides Ground Penetrating Radar services in the Miami area for concrete scanning and utility locating, as well as for archaeological and forensic investigations.

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    Certified Utility Locating Instructor on Staff.

    GeoTek's Technical Staff are certified by UTA as a Certified Professional Utility Locator.


    GeoTek Services employs Ground Penetrating Radar best practices and methods specified by ASTM.


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