GPR Scanning Services for Forensic Investigation

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has emerged as a valuable locate tool in forensic investigations, revolutionizing the way professionals’ approach subsurface investigation and analysis. This advanced technology utilizes electromagnetic waves to penetrate and map subsurface structures, providing detailed imagery of buried objects or disturbances in the soil. In forensic applications, gprs is an effective means to locate clandestine graves, buried evidence, and hidden objects that traditional methods might overlook. Its non-invasive nature allows investigators to explore below the surface without disturbing the scene, ensuring the integrity of forensic findings.

Non-destructive forensic surveys are possible with the use of shallow Ground Penetrating Radar. To support forensic investigations, GeoTek employs a mid-range frequency GPR system.  This mid-range GPR radar system is capable of generating both 2D and 3D representations of objects below the surface. Our Ground penetrating radar data is generated by the reflection of pulses of energy transmitted into the ground. This energy reflects off of buried features and is detected by the receiving antenna. Forensic surveys can locate burial sites based upon detecting underground objects, and by the detecting the disturbance of the ground conditions. GPRs methods are non-destructive, preserving the forensic site for future generations.

GPR Forensic Scanning Applications Include:

  • Locating Grave And Burial Sites
  • Locating Burial Shafts
  • Supporting Crime Scene Investigations
  • Locating Archaeological Sites

GPR Used in Gravesite Investigation

Three forensic examples of GPR used to locate graves and underground burial vaults.

Three forensic examples of GPR used to locate graves and underground burial vaults.

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    GeoTek Services employs Ground Penetrating Radar best practices and methods specified by ASTM.


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